The Secret of How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

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When big, but make sure you get it all!

When big, but make sure you get it all!

If you landed here and think you’re about to get a magic bean, sorry, I prefer truth and logic. Honesty, when it comes to sharing knowledge, is the only thing worth sharing in this industry.

Everyone wants to know the secret to unlocking the vault we all know and love called Progressive Jackpots. A google search for the term will pull up hundreds of articles on where to find them, how to play them, how to win at them, and who has the next machines most likely to pop. Lots of people will give strategy about finding a hot machine and/or subtle ways of telling you that their superstition actually works or is better than yours.

The truth of the matter is, in both land based and online casinos, there is no magic formula that leads you to the Holy Grail. If there was, whoever found it wouldn’t share it. You will find dozens of suggestions regarding how to find the right machine and stories of casinos hiding those machines in strategic places but truthfully it doesn’t work like that. In fact, if a casino was in fact rigging their machines it would cost them more money than it would save them.

The best thing to do is play the games you know best with the largest possible scores available. You want to maximize your play and winning potential. Understand each game’s rules and how their pay outs work. You definitely don’t want to hit something big only to find that your winnings are not fully maximized because you weren’t playing the right amount or correct number of reels.

Also, be sure to know about any terms and conditions that you may be under if you deposited with a coupon of any sort.  You could hit a big score but have a restricted withdrawal sum. So be careful, be aware, and start winning.

Here is a good video on slot machines.

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