Should I use casino bonuses?

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I’m a US casino player, and I get many casino bonus offers on a daily basis.  Should I be taking advantage of these and using them?

Well there are many answers to that question. A better one to ask is why you want a casino bonus in the first place. For many reasons a casino bonus would be a great way to start you casino account or even just use it to play with less risk involved. Casinos know these bonuses work to get more members, and players should also know that the bonus is free and holds no risk. However, some casinos have terms and conditions that will include your initial deposit amount, meaning you will be required to reach a wager requirement with your bonus amount and deposited amount. For this reason it is very important to read the terms and condition of each bonus.


Do I have to take a bonus?

There is nothing that says you need to take a bonus with any casino, however you will find that some casinos now give you the bonus without you asking for it. Players will need to request to be put on a no bonus list before the first deposit is made. Alternatively players will get to join casinos that offers no bonuses, which means no bonuses can be taken to start with.


Advantages of Bonuses

To most players there are many reasons that a bonus would make sense. First of all, if you are a new player a bonus is perfect as it doesn’t involve many risks and you will get to see how the games work. Players can claim these bonuses as long as they meet the wagering requirements posted with the bonus. Should you manage to reach the requirements, the casino will give you the full bonus amount you receive initially. Bonuses are also a great way to find out how the games work by setting up the game in different ways and choose different bet amounts.


Disadvantages of Bonuses

If you are someone who likes to play certain games, a casino bonus may not be for you. Players will find the casino usually limits their bonuses to only a few games, which may not include the games you enjoy. Once again this will be displayed in the terms and conditions. Another negative with a casino bonus is that you will only win the bonus amount instead of the winnings you made with the bonus. For example let’s say the casino gave you $100 as the bonus and you manage to win $10,000 with that bonus, you will only receive $100. This means if you were playing with your own real funds the $10,000 would been yours. For players who can take risks while playing with their own funds will not need to take a bonus, unless you want to play new games with it and first see what the games are like before playing with real funds.


Final Thought

Casino bonuses can be a lot of fun as long as you don’t count on it to make money. Players will get to win, but only the bonus amount that was rewarded the first by the casino will be rewarded. To me it still means free money if you hit those requirements.

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