Are loyalty programs worth signing up for?

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Read the fine print !

Read the fine print !

Online casinos welcome players with large percentage bonuses and at times bundles of free spins. The casinos also use innovative promotions and bonuses to keep players entertained and to keep inviting them back. Players reaps the greatest rewards when they regularly return to the casino and build up points through a loyalty program or belong to the VIP clubs offered at most casinos.

 How Loyalty Programs Work

Loyalty programs and VIP clubs work very much the same as frequent flyer programs offered by major airlines for extensive travellers. At casinos the generous amounts of points are earned on deposits, wagering’s and also double points can be earned for regular playing and special promotions. Pre-selected game promotions also offers players the opportunity to give their points a special boost.

 Loyalty Points

Players who enjoy gaming will not only improve their skills, but earn points too. The loyalty points can be accumulated and exchanged for real cash or other benefits such as free spins, cash backs, deposit match bonuses and cash backs or entry into regular tournaments.

 VIP Clubs

While players can still exchange their loyalty points when belonging to VIP clubs offered their points will also allow them to rise through the different stages. Most of the VIP clubs offers up to 4 levels, such as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The different levels offers players monthly rewards and more rewards is added to each level, these rewards offers birthday bonuses, special promotions, faster cash out periods, higher withdrawal limits and regular special tournaments .

The top levels cater for long standing regular players and high rollers. The benefits includes regular cash bonuses, exclusive promotions, entry into VIP tournaments, dedicated VIP managers, surprise gifts send to celebrate special holidays, cars, much higher withdrawal limits, super-fast withdrawals,  Luxury spa treatments, invitation to special events and even overseas travel and cruises in which partners are welcome to join at no additional costs.

 Other Benefits for Regular Play at Casinos

Players who are loyal to one casino and regularly visit the site have the benefit of getting to know the site well and can easily navigate through the site to their most favorite entertainment spot. Some casinos even offer players the option to save their most enjoyed games for easy access, whenever they log on. With casinos now available on mobile, players can use their login to enjoy games at any time and while on enjoying games on their smartphones still get reward points.

Players also are completely up to date with new games being launched as casinos highlights games and send regular players invites to explore the games with free spins before wagering real money.  Regular players also gets to know the support staff and VIP managers and through building a casino relation can easily get their queries or concerns sorted out. Casinos aims to keep their VIP members and high rollers happy and values their opinions and input.

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